Jeremy Irons on Marriage Equality


Click here and here to read more about Jeremy Irons’ acid-trip-insights into marriage equality.


Marriage Equality and incest???

Jeremy Irons seems to know best.

Fathers and sons?

Reality is shunned

As he scouts tax evasive bequests!

Jeremy Irons wonders if marriage equality would lead to father/son unions? Which according to him, is not incest?!?!?! And would help avoid inheritance tax!!! 1st world problems, Jeremy. 1st world problems…

Living in Ireland Today


Living in Ireland today

Means Enda making us pay.

The Revenue knocks

No door left unlocked

Even threesomes brought into the fray!

To drive or to dust of your bike?

The banks will not take a hike.

If three is a crowd

How are banks allowed

To come between owners and homes alike??


I came across this nifty, fun limerick and thought I’d share it around!


An American fellow named Bob/

Decided to outsource his job/

The software designer/

Hired someone in China/

While he looked at cat vids, the slob.


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No to abortion story told in front of children | Irish Examiner


My letter in the Irish Examiner about a disturbing anti-choice event held at a children’s mass in a Catholic church in Mitchelstown, Co. Cork during which a woman give a graphic account of her abortion and described special needs children as punishments from God to a congregation containing c.100 children: No to abortion story told in front of children | Irish Examiner.